AN exclusive Worcester-themed Monopoly board game will hit the shelves after 16 long years.

Toys and Games Worcester designed the board with brand-new features after many customers had entered the store requesting it.

Owner Tim Evans has lived in Worcester for 50 years and wanted the board to pay homage to his city's iconic landscapes and inside jokes.

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"It is not designed by a London company but designed by us," Mr Evans said.

"We are Worcester people who have been living in the city for 50 years and experience the things happening.

"I hope it pleases people."

Many years ago, Worcester had its very own Monopoly game created.

However, the game eventually became outdated, and many toy shops no longer stocked it.

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The new Worcester edition will have updated squares, Community Chest & Chance Cards and new packaging.

The Worcester version will be similar to the classic Monopoly board but Mr Evans admitted it does have a lot of his humour embedded throughout.

Mr Evans said: "In 16 years a lot of businesses have changed so instead of places, we did landmarks and the Community Chest & Chance Cards are related to living in Worcester.

Mr Evans mostly kept his lips sealed when asked about the game's contents but he did reveal what was on one of the chest cards. 

It will read: "You have been injured in a battle of Worcester re-enactment event. Pay £50."

The game will be exclusively sold from Toys and Games Worcester and is already available for pre-order on its website.

It is hoped the board will hit the shelves in November, just in time for Christmas, and is at a retail cost of £34.99.