THE Malvern Hills have been used in an advert - for Yorkshire Water - in a mistake flagged up by a former punk singer and environmental campaigner. 

A video has also appeared on YouTube called Why Did Yorkshire Water Delete This Vid?!! which shows the  Malvern Hills forming part of an aerial shot in an advert for Yorkshire Water. 



The commentator, Graham Hughes of Labour Social, says in the YouTube video the advert appeared on Twitter but has since been deleted.

However, not before it was retweeted by Feargal Sharkey of The Undertones, now known as an environmental campaigner.

The lifelong fly fisherman has campaigned against the pollution of British rivers.

He said: "The bar in @YorkshireWater ’s advert, is it a bar in Shambles St, Barnsley? Nah! Pilgrim St, Newcastle? Nah! Rosa Khutor, Russia, that’s where, Rosa Khutor, Russia! All very Yorkshire and all in 30 seconds."


Mr Hughes, a commentator for 'the unapologetically candid and fiercely independent political channel', points out the establishing shot does not use a photo of Yorkshire and also features a photo of a bar in Russia with bars hanging above the bar - a sign in  Cyrillic being a giveaway - and left-hand drive cars being driven on the righthand side of the road.



One of the final shots shows the Malvern Hills.

Mr Hughes says: "So Yorkshire Water (referring to the logo when it appears on screen), that might be the only bit of this that has anything to do with Yorkshire. 

"Because those hills although they are out of focus are actually the Malvern Hills in Herefordshire - not Yorkshire. I mean it's closer than Russia to be fair but it's still not Yorkshire."

A Yorkshire Water spokesperson said 'somehow the Malvern Hills footage appeared in a search for Yorkshire countryside on our agency’s video stock service and it was mistaken for the rolling hills we have here in Yorkshire'.

The spokesperson added: “We recently shared a short teaser video for our new ‘word of mouth’ social media campaign to promote water saving. Unfortunately, it was shared before we’d had chance to do our normal checks on it and the stock footage that had been used didn’t capture the spirit of Yorkshire.

"Once we were aware of the mistake we immediately took the video down. The ‘word of mouth’ video series all contain Yorkshire residents talking about their water saving tips, and footage of our wonderful county.”