A COUNTY dog rescue is urging the public to consider adopting an overlooked breed as their new four-legged friend.

The team at Dogs Trust Evesham is appealing for anyone with a dog-shaped hole in their life to consider adopting one of the lurchers in their care.     

They include lurcher Alfie who is currently at the rescue centre in Wickhamford.

Despite their loving natures, lurchers can often spend longer in the charity’s care than other breeds, and so the charity is now asking people to consider giving a forever home to one of its long-legged residents.  

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Chris Slight, manager at Dogs Trust Evesham said: “Lurchers tend to spend longer in our care than other breeds and are often overlooked.

"So, it’s important for us to try and dispel any misconceptions that may exist about the breed and urge people not to rule out a Lurcher as their perfect pet.    

 “Lurchers are loyal dogs that form very strong bonds with their owners.  They are trustworthy and gentle, renowned for being affectionate so will bring a lot of love to their owner’s lives.

"It is a myth that they need a huge amount of exercise and long walks, they do need regular exercise like every dog, but they also very much relish lounging on the sofa. 

"Lurchers really are at their happiest when they are with their owner, the one they love."  

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Lurchers were the third most popular breed of dog rehomed by Dogs Trust last year, with 524 finding loving new homes in 2022.

So far this year, over 350 have come into Dogs Trust care across the UK.   

Dogs Trust Evesham are currently caring for one lurcher called Alfie, who is patiently waiting for a new abode.    

He is five years old and has been with Dogs Trust Evesham for four months.

Chris Slight said: “We are currently caring for one lurcher, Alfie who is desperate to build that special bond with a new owner and find a sofa to call his own. 

"Alfie has so much love to offer and awaits his second chance in life.”  

For more information on Alfie, you can visit https://www.dogstrust.org.uk/rehoming/dogs/lurcher/302229.

To find out more about the breed or to see other lurchers currently in Dogs Trust care, visit https://www.dogstrust.org.uk/dog-advice/getting-dog/breeds/lurcher.