TREES will also be lost if a new drive-thru rumoured to be a Starbucks is given the green light at a city retail park said a councillor ahead of a peaceful protest.

A peaceful and non-disruptive protest is set to take place at the entrance to Elgar Retail Park this Saturday at 3pm.

Reasons for objecting to the scheme have ranged from noise and anti-social behaviour to extra traffic on an already congested Blackpole Road in Worcester.

Worcester News: SITE: The car park in Elgar Retail Park in Blackpole where the drive thru would be built if approved SITE: The car park in Elgar Retail Park in Blackpole where the drive thru would be built if approved (Image: James Connell/Newsquest)

However, the proposals which involve the creation of a drive-thru in what is now the car park of the retail park in Blackpole, will also result in the loss of five trees and other shrubs including Ash, London plane and Beech trees.

Although an arboricultural report does make it clear others would later be planted - if the scheme gets the green light. 

The site has 33 individual trees in total according to documents submitted as part of a planning application yet to come before Worcester City Council's planning committee. 

Cllr Jill Desayrah, who has organised the demonstration, said: “The trees on the retail parks are both beautiful and essential.

"They soften the brutal appearance of the buildings but more importantly help absorb noise and pollution from the Blackpole Road, which is so often in gridlock.

"The wanton removal of precious mature trees, to be replaced by twigs, must stop.”

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The arboricultural report, submitted as part of the planning application, says the development, if approved, would 'will ensure the retention and incorporation of the vast majority of trees across the site alongside new tree planting as part of the wider landscape strategy'.

The trees and hedges that would be cut down or partially removed have been described as being of 'low value'. Four new London plane trees would be planted to 'mitigate for the loss' of the existing trees.

Residents are expected to congregate between 3pm and 3.45pm as they mount a 'non-disruptive' protest.

The application for the drive-thru seeks approval for 'unrestricted trading hours' which has led to concerns from residents about noise, especially as some say they are already disturbed by the tannoy from KFC. 

The proposals would result in a loss of 35 spaces, although 11 additional spaces would be provided elsewhere within the car park leading to an overall loss of 24 spaces.

Concerns have also been raised about additional noise, antisocial behaviour and parking issues at the retail park spilling over onto nearby residential streets.