A BACKYARD MMA event promoted by a TikTok personality has been criticised by a parish council.

In a video posted to more than 73,000 followers on the social media network earlier this month, influencer Ed Matthews said that "backyard MMA" was coming soon.

West Mercia Police said they were monitoring the account @notedmattthews, which includes videos filmed on the land in Broomhall Way, St Peters, Worcester.

Following our previous article, St Peter's Parish Council have issued a statement linking the proposed event to a recent application.

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The statement said: "The article suggests that unlicensed and therefore illegal mixed martial arts style fights will be taking place on the site with the permission of the applicant.

"As well as being illegal such events have the capacity to draw in spectators from well beyond the immediate environs of South Worcestershire. 

"The proposed site is within the green corridor bordering the A4440 Broomhall Way which separates St Peter’s from the South Worcester Urban Extension which was intended to form a break between the two developments.

"It is known that the area is a haven for wildlife. Some of the events that the applicant is proposing to hold on the site, such as bonfire night celebrations, would by their very nature disturb that wildlife."

Application 23/00729/CLE, is an application for a lawful development certificate for an existing use or operation or activity, including those in breach of a planning condition.

The application form specifies the space is wanted for 'open leisure use', and goes on to say how since 2005 the site has been used for car boot sales, circuses, funfairs, open-air displays and other entertainment like Halloween and bonfire nights throughout the year in excess of current regulations.

The parish council also said how it was disappointed that no formal notification from Worcester City Council about the planning application.

The council also believes the site is "wholly unsuitable" to host events and raised concerns over entry from the busy A4440 and a lack of pedestrian access.

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A spokesperson for Worcester City Council said that it will be liaising with St Peter's Parish Council regarding the matter.

They said: “This is not an application for planning permission, but rather an application for a certificate of lawfulness.

"As such, the planning merits of the use of the land for leisure purposes are not for consideration, the only fact to be established is whether the existing use is lawful and therefore immune from any planning enforcement action.

"We will, however, be liaising with St Peter’s Parish Council this week.”