A family have been left feeling “violated” after goats, chickens and ducks were stolen from their farm between Worcester and Malvern.

The rescue animals - two pygmy goats, some ducks and dozens of chickens - were taken from Funfords Mini Farm in Callow End.

Sam Dunford, who runs the farm with husband Dave and daughters Chloe, Jade, Kira and Holly, said thieves had cut a hole in a fence before making away with the animals.

“My daughter had gone up to the field to feed her chickens, and came back saying ‘where are they?’,” she said.

Worcester News: The Dunfords have been left feeling violated after the theftThe Dunfords have been left feeling violated after the theft (Image: Sam Dunford)

“We have four chickens left out of about 50 or 60 - the rest have all gone.

“The billy goats we’d hoped were up in the top field with the sheep, so we let the sheep down to see if the goats would come with them - but they’ve gone too.

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“They are lovely goats - all the animals have stories, it’s just such a shame.”

Mrs Dunford said there is evidence showing how the thieves got in.

Worcester News: Two billy goats were taken from the farmTwo billy goats were taken from the farm (Image: Sam Dunford)

“We found a hole cut in the fence and they’d put logs around it so they didn’t cut themselves on the barbed wire,” she said.

“They tried to get a third goat as well because you can see his collar’s all stretched, but he’s got big horns and must’ve fought them off.”

The family have been running the farm in Callow End for more than a year and have been rescuing farm animals for the past four years.

Funfords Mini Farm opens to members of the public on a donation basis and hosts adults with learning difficulties to spend time with the animals.

Worcester News: Dozens of ducks and chickens have been stolenDozens of ducks and chickens have been stolen (Image: Sam Dunford)

“We’re trying to make it into a community farm,” said Mrs Dunford. “I just don’t know why someone would do this.

“It’s horrible. We feel violated. Two of my children are autistic and this place is their haven - they are very upset about it."

Friends of the family and regular visitors to the farm have been sharing images of the stolen animals on Facebook - and one has even offered a £500 reward for the safe return of all of the animals.

We have asked West Mercia Police for comment.