A PROLIFIC thief has been given a chance to prove herself but has been warned if she has any further slip-ups she will go back to prison. 

Leanne Croke-Loveridge, of Newtown Road, Worcester, admitted her latest stealing spree earlier this month - a year after being jailed for stealing from the Co-op in Ronkswood and Tesco in Warndon. 

Croke-Loveridge had admitted three thefts from a shop, the offences taking place between June 2 and July 24 this year. 

Owen Beale, prosecuting at Worcester Magistrates Court, reminded the court that the 39-year-old had stolen £100 worth of bacon from Co-op, £150 of plants from Tesco and £144.58 worth of meat from Lidl. 

Mr Beale said, in the Lidl theft, she filled a trolley full of meat and tried to leave without paying. 

Worcester News: SHOP BAN: Leanne Croke-LoveridgeSHOP BAN: Leanne Croke-Loveridge (Image: West Mercia Police)

The prosecutor added her offending was aggravated by the previous thefts she was jailed for.

Gary Harper, defending, said Croke-Loveridge's offending was linked to drug taking and she had managed to abstain before. 

But, the solicitor said, after a relationship breakdown she had taken drugs again. 

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A probation service representative said she had been assessed that Willowdene Care Farm - which offers residential rehabilitation and respite services - could support her. 

Magistrates told Croke-Loveridge they were giving her an 18-month community order with 60 rehabilitation activity requirement days so the farm could provide that support.

Worcester News: BAN: Leanne Croke-Loveridge is banned from Tesco WarndonBAN: Leanne Croke-Loveridge is banned from Tesco Warndon (Image: Newsquest)

Croke-Loveridge - who brought a bag in case of being sent to jail - was excluded from Lidl in Blackpole, Tesco in Warndon, Co-op in Lichfield Avenue.

She was ordered to pay £100 compensation to Co-op and £100 to Tesco but no order was made to pay Lidl as the meat was recovered. 

There was also no order for costs or victim surcharge due to Croke-Loveridge's lack of means. 

The £200 Croke-Loveridge owed to the courts was added to her benefits. 

Magistrates told the defendant: "You are making an effort on your script - you are engaging well. 

"You must continue to comply with probation - if you do that you won't come back to court. 

"If you do any bench might feel custody is applicable."

The case was heard at the court on Thursday, (September 21).