VIDEO footage shared by a city bishop shows a pair of hoody-wearing suspects trying car door handles in Warndon Villages.

The incident was captured on a camera in Worcester at around 3am on Wednesday, September 27. 

The video shows the suspects try car doors in Damaskfield, Warndon Villages as police investigate the incident. 

Two men with hoods pulled over their heads can be seen walking on either side of a row of cars, trying car door handles. They can be seen trying the ploy on three different cars.

Bishop Anthony Shaw shared the footage first on the Warndon Villages Community Group, a Facebook group with more than 4,000 members.

Bishop Anthony said he had reported the matter to West Mercia Police via email. The webcam footage is recorded and saves the footage when the camera detects movement. 

Commenting on the footage, one member said: "This really has to be stopped."

Others said they had been victims of similar incidents in Warndon Villages. One member said: "Nothing's safe anymore."

A spokesperson for Warndon Safer Neighbourhood Team said: “We understand the concerns raised with regards this incident and would welcome the opportunity to review doorbell camera or CCTV footage residents may have from around that time.

“If anyone sees anything suspicious, they should call 101 or 999 in an emergency. You could also report it on our website at Report a crime | West Mercia Police.”

We have previously reported how officers have made a string of arrests after burglaries, some of which have also been linked to vehicle crime.

The burglaries have been centred around Droitwich and Fernhill Heath and has included a number of car key burglaries. In total four arrests have been made, all involving teenagers. 

Through the course of the investigations, conducted by Proactive CID based at Worcester Police Station, two different groups of suspects have been identified and a number of arrests have now been made.

A 15-year-old from Droitwich has been arrested in connection with three car key burglaries in Droitwich and a further car key burglary in Kempsey.

All stolen vehicles have been recovered and the youth has been bailed.

An 18-year-old from Droitwich has also been arrested in connection with one of the car key burglaries in the town. The youth has also been bailed.

Searches conducted in relation to these burglaries have recovered a number of stolen items that will be reunited with their owners.

Arrests have also been made in connection with a reported car key burglary in Suffolk Close, Fernhill Heath, and a number of attempted burglary reports in the area.

An 18-year-old and a 15-year-old from Worcester have been arrested and are now on bail. A further 15-year-old from Worcester is currently in custody awaiting an interview.