AN outdoor screening of 80s horror cult classic The Lost Boys has been organised to mark Halloween this year.

The outdoor showing of the 1987 vampire horror film is expected to sell out quickly at Worcester Racecourse on Friday, October 6.

A spokesperson said: "Get ready to be transported to the fictional coastal town of Santa Carla, California, where a group of teenage vampires are wreaking havoc by luring unsuspecting victims into their trap.

"Follow brothers Michael and Sam as they team up with the vampire hunters and try to save their family from becoming the blood-sucking gang's next victims."

The event opens at 8.55pm. The film starts 9.55pm. The film ends at 11.25pm. There will also be catering unit onsite that will serve the hot drinks but spectators can bring their own snacks.

Tickets are £34 for a family ticket (2 adults, 2 kids), £14 for an adult, £9 per child while a £4 deposit will be required via eventbrite to secure a place with the rest due on the entrance that night should the event go ahead.

There is a '100 per cent money-back guarantee' should the event not be able to go ahead.

An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that Odeon Cinemas has organised this event. We have been asked to point out that this is incorrect and the event does not involve Odeon Cinemas.