Shoppers have been mocking Sports Direct after spotting a comical spelling mistake on their back to school stationery kits - being sold as "stationary kits".

The error was spotted by a customer shopping at a branch of the sports retailer in St Martins Quarter, Worcester, on Monday.

Worcester News: MISTAKE: Sports Direct in St Martin's Quarter MISTAKE: Sports Direct in St Martin's Quarter (Image: SWNS)

Social media users have since suggested bosses at the sportswear giant should go back to school themselves following the hilarious blunder.

Photographer Emma Trimble, 43, of Worcester, stumbled across the stationery kits while shopping for her daughter's shin pads.

She said: "I had been looking for a new pair of shin pads for my daughter when I spotted them on the shelves - and I had to do a double take.

Worcester News: ERROR: The 'stationary kit' at Sports Direct in Worcester ERROR: The 'stationary kit' at Sports Direct in Worcester (Image: SWNS)

"I couldn't believe that such a big company had made such an atrocious spelling error.

"There were some other stationery kits underneath in different packaging spelled correctly so at some point must have noticed but decided to sell them anyway."

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Stationary is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “not moving or not intended to be moved,” while the definition of stationery is “writing and other office materials."

Posts on social media suggest the same spelling mistake is being made at multiple branches across the country.

One person posted pictures of the kits on X, formerly known as Twitter, and wrote: "I think the sales department of Sports Direct needs to go back to school.

"A stationary pack of stationery items."

Another commented: "Well, those won't be going anywhere in a hurry."

A third web user said: "I suppose they aren't really well known for their office range. Maybe they should just stick to giant mugs and cheap trackies."

Another added: "They couldn’t decide if it should be “Stationary” or “Stationery”, so Sports Direct are using both! #spelling #BackToSchool."

A fifth put: "Stationery with an E..not a great role model for school childrens kit"

Another said: "Maybe they called it stationary because it's going to remain on the shelves? Who's actually buying sports direct stationery?"

Bizarrely, the same stationery kit but in different packaging is being sold on shelves underneath but with the correct spelling.

Sports Direct has been approached for a comment.