A FAMILY rushing their newborn to hospital were told the RAC could not help them after their car broke down.

Emma Brownley was taking her five-week-old son Ruben Monk to Worcestershire Royal Hospital with her partner Jake when their car broke down on the A38 near the Ketch roundabout.

She continued to the hospital with her poorly baby but RAC operators told her father Peter they would not pick up the car unless Miss Brownley was on the roadside with the car.

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The mother and baby were rescued and taken to the hospital by a family member so Ruben could be assessed for suspected bronchitis.

Mr Brownley and Mr Monk stayed with the car to deal with the recovery at 8.30am.

However, it was the RAC only agreed to pick up the car at 3.45am the following day after constant back and forth between the two parties.

In response, the RAC said there was a misunderstanding which meant they didn't prioritise Miss Brownley as they should have and agreed on a "suitable gesture of goodwill" to give to the family - £330.

Ruben's grandfather Mr Brownley said: "Being a dad myself, I know the feelings when you can't get to the hospital.

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"It was the way they were like, your daughter is not ill, she should be there, but she has an ill baby.

"For someone to say that shows a lack of compassion when you're in exceptional circumstances.

"For them to say that, it really affected me."

He added the whole experience affected his mental health, and he struggled to describe how it made him feel.

A spokesperson for the RAC said: "We've apologised to Emma and her father for their experience when they broke down in an extremely stressful situation. 

"We rescue thousands of members every day in all sorts of situations but, in this instance, there was a misunderstanding at our end, which meant we didn't prioritise her as we should have.

"We've agreed a suitable gesture of goodwill and are pleased to say they remain valued members."