A McDONALD'S customer was staggered to receive a £170 parking fine - for being just 31 seconds over a time restriction at a retail car park.

Ben Hammond was slapped with a fine he cannot pay after ordering food from Blackpole McDonald's on Sunday, September 24 at 2am.

However, possible Royal Mail issues meant he did not receive his first letter informing him of the fine so he was shocked to open a letter last week telling him the parking fine had increased.

He said a week after receiving this letter, he got another one from Debt Recovery UK demanding he pays or face legal action.

But the short notice has meant he is struggling to find the £170 needed until his next payday. 

Mr Hammond said he has also appealed the decision but is still awaiting a response from UK Parking Control Limited (UKPC).

Worcester News: FINE: The letter which said Ben Hammond had parked just 30 seconds over the limit on Blackpole Retails ParkFINE: The letter which said Ben Hammond had parked just 30 seconds over the limit on Blackpole Retails Park (Image: Submitted)

"It is the working-class people who are just trying to get food that's who it's affecting," he said.

"Boy racers can do what they like in the 30 minutes and then leave.

"It does not feel great, and it is really stressful as I am not sure what to do if Debt Recovery wants to go to court because I cannot afford it.

"There is still antisocial behaviour there and it is not stopping anything or helping local residents.

"We have not been back since for this exact reason."

He joked his car is barely worth more than the £170 fine he has been landed with.

UK Parking Control Limited (UKPC) is the parking management solutions provider for the retail park.

Worcester News has asked UKPC for a comment and is awaiting a response.

A spokesperson from Legal and General Investment Management said restrictions were placed at the car park due to complaints from people living nearby.

They said: "Fines are received for staying in the car park for more than the 30-minute grace period between the hours of 9pm to 6am.

"These restrictions were implemented following complaints from local residents about noise and disruption during these hours."

Several people have been subjected to fines since the new 30-minute restrictions were in place.

One car meet-up group was fined eight times after ordering food from McDonalds.