AN urgent security plan to keep a community safe after a suspected arson attack at a nursery needs to be put in place as soon as possible says a councillor concerned about 'marauding gangs'.

The fire at Fairfield Day Nursery highlighted existing security fears at the Fairfield Learning Centre in Warndon, Worcester.

Now one city councillor is calling for a security plan that already exists to be implemented as soon as possible for the peace of mind of residents and their safety. 

Worcester News: BLAZE: The fire at the Fairfield Day nursery led to homes being evacuated BLAZE: The fire at the Fairfield Day nursery led to homes being evacuated (Image: Submitted)

"Everyone was shocked and scared during the fire itself - it was very close to houses," said Warndon city councillor Jill Desayrah.

The nursery lost its summer house and most of its outdoor play equipment in the blaze on the evening of Saturday, October 28.

Cllr Desayrah said the ease of access to the site is 'a continuing problem for all the residents of Carnforth Drive and all the streets off it'.

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"The unsecured library is a magnet for antisocial behaviour", said Cllr Desayrah. 

She said there was a plan from Worcestershire County Council for additional security measures but this had not been implemented. Cllr Desayrah also says the county council's scrutiny committee has declined to look into it.

"Why are we still waiting for this plan to be put in place? The plan is there. Actually doing it is where we're falling down. Why it has not been put in place in all this time, I don't know. When residents contact me about this behaviour, I always encourage them to contact the police.

"The biggest thing is to make the site secure in its entirety. I'm not saying it's not a big job. I want someone to scrutinise whether or not the county council has met its duty of care. This is public money and public facilities which are being put at risk. It is still a magnet for gangs that maraud through it and residents are still suffering the consequences on a regular basis," she said.

City councillor Jill Desayrah said residents have been putting up with anti-social behaviour at the centre for a long time - and that youths were seen on the roof of the building on Sunday night, just 24 hours after the nursery fire.

She has been among those calling for new fences and more CCTV cameras to be installed around the centre.

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council said in a previous statement: “We have been working to increase security measures at the Warndon Library and Fairfield Learning Services site in cooperation with the West Mercia Police.

"Planning permission has been granted for a new fence and the contractors are due to be on site in the near future. Since the fire on Saturday, we have been working with the police to support their investigations and we are continuing to secure the site within its current footprint.”

We have approached Worcestershire County Council for a comment.

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said: "Investigations into the arson at the Fairfield Centre in Warndon are still ongoing.

"Officers continue to appeal for anyone who may have any information to contact the police."

Those who do not feel comfortable speaking to the police can provide information anonymously to the Independent Charity, Crimestoppers, by calling 0800 555 111 or by visiting their website: