IT has been a lucky start to December for hundreds of people in Worcester who have scooped a share of £327k in Premium Bonds prize draws.

More than 300 people in Hereford and Worcester won £1,000 in the draw.

For one lucky winner, they had only bought the bond in October this year - another four people won £1,000 after investing just £25.

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Unfortunately, nobody in the two counties won any of the larger prize pots of £1m, £100,000 and £50,000.

Jill Waters, NS&I retail director, said: “Premium Bonds are a fun way to start saving - customers are in with the chance of winning any one of our more than 4.9 million prizes.

"People up and down the country can start their Premium Bonds journey with an initial investment of just £25.”

Premium Bonds is an investment product issued by National Savings & Investments.

Unlike other investments, where investors earn interest or a regular dividend income, bonds are entered into a monthly prize draw where people can win between £25 and £1m.