FATHER Christmas will be making his way through the streets of Worcester in his trusty sleigh throughout December.

Taking a break from the workshop in the North Pole, Santa will travel through different areas of the city to meet the city's excited youngsters.

Helping him will be the city's very own elves - Worcester Lions - and there is even the chance to track him live on the charity organisation's website.

He has already made a few visits but here is where he will be coming soon.

Dates and locations Father Christmas will visit in Worcester

Claines - Monday, December 4  (cancelled)

Dines Green - Wednesday, December 6

St John's - Thursday, December 7

St John's - Tuesday, December 12

Tolladine - Wednesday, December 13

Ronkswood - Thursday, December 14

St Peter's - Sunday, December 17

Claines - Monday, December 18 (rescheduled)

St Peter's - Tuesday, December 19

Please note these are just the general locations and Worcester Lions release the road names on its Facebook page.

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What time will Worcester Lions' Father Christmas be setting off?

Worcester Lions said on weekdays the sleigh will start at 5.45pm, finishing at about 7.45pm while at weekends it will start about 5pm.

Check Worcester Lions' Facebook page for exact timings.

When will Father Christmas arrive on my street

To find out when Father Christmas will be arriving on your street and to see where he is on his rounds, Worcester Lions has a live tracker.

Find the live tracker here.

Worcester Lions is a charity and part of Lions International which is the world's largest voluntary service organisation.

The Father Christmas sleigh visits are organised and ran by volunteers.