Two unique Hungarian baby foxes have arrived at their new home near Evesham after a 1,500 mile trip.

The pair of Fennec Foxes, world-renowned for having large bat-shaped ears and hailed as the smallest species of fox on earth, have settled into their new sanctuary at All Things Wild near Honeybourne, Worcestershire.

The brothers, Lazlo and Pascal, were transported from Sosto Zoo in Hungary, as part of a European wide breeding programme designed to protect their species from extinction.


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Far from their native North African deserts, the foxes have thick fur on their paws as protection from hot sands, and their large ears are not just for exceptional hearing, but dissipating body heat in harsh climates.

Animal keeper, Matthew Parker said: "We’re delighted to welcome Lazlo and Pascal to All Things Wild.

"They are an incredibly unique and memorable species of animal, and they leave a lasting impression on guests.

Worcester News: The brothers, Lazlo and Pascal, were transported from Sosto Zoo in Hungary

"Having the foxes at the centre allows us to educate the public about the threats that animals are facing in the wild due to climate change and habit loss."


As the public prepare to enjoy the festive season, they can expect to see Lazlo and Pascal on show at All Things Wild, as Mr Parker added: "Fennec Foxes are naturally shy, but the public have a very good chance of seeing them on display this Christmas season.

"Lazlo is proving to be quite a character and he has been confident enough to approach our specialist zookeepers, which is reassuring should he ever need veterinary attention in the future."

Worcester News: The foxes will soon be joined by female companions in efforts to continue work to create a European

The foxes, who will celebrate their first birthday next month, will eventually be joined by female companions as efforts continue to support the creation of a European insurance population of the foxes.

"We are hoping to add to the number of Fennec Foxes we keep at the zoo in the coming years as part of our commitment to the European Breeding programme," Mr Parker said.

The Fennec Fox enclosure at All Things Wild is just a short stroll from the seasonal 'Tinsel Town' Christmas events space, ensuring family visitors this festive season will have a treat in store.

All Things Wild will be closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.