PEOPLE across Worcestershire have been on flood watch but many are hoping the worst has now passed. 

After a weekend of stormy weather which battered the county more rain came overnight into Monday morning (December 11). 

Flood warnings are still in place on the River Severn at Court Meadow, Kempsey and Callow End and Severn Ham, Tewkesbury. 

The warning said flooding is expected with immediate action required. The Environment Agency (EA) says it expects river levels to peak in most places this Wednesday.

The EA warned river levels have been rising at the Kempsey Yacht Club river gauge as a result of heavy rainfall.

It said flooding of property, roads and farmland is possible and flooding would affect Seaborne Leisure Holiday and Touring Park in Court Meadow. 

Worcester News: FLOODED: Floods on Seabourne Leisure Park FLOODED: Floods on Seabourne Leisure Park (Image: Sam Greenway/Newsquest)We visited the site on Monday morning to find the site was already flooded -  but staff told us there are no concerns as it had appeared to have already peaked there as the level was going down. 

Caravans are elevated on the site with no damage caused if water builds up underneath.

The owners added they had everything needed if the site fully flooded including pumps.

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A resident in nearby Riverside Place, which backs onto the caravan paid, said their homes were also elevated enough the flood water never reached their gardens and it would be big issue across Worcestershire if they were ever flooded. 

Meanwhile in nearby Severn Stoke there was some flooding of land. 

Andrew Goodall, the landlord of The Rose and Crown pub, has been making preparations with sandbags and plastic covering across the front of the pub.

Worcester News: BARRIERS: The protection at the Rose and Crown pubBARRIERS: The protection at the Rose and Crown pub (Image: Sam Greenway/Newsquest)

He told us: "We are just waiting to see - I wasn't expecting it to do much this time round, but we keep an eye on it. 

"We are just used to it now. I'd normally wrap the whole pub, but we have just kept it to the front.

"This will stay up until March now - it looks unsightly but what can you do."

The River Severn in Worcestershire is currently under a flood alert with river levels having risen at the Bewdley river gauge as a result of recent heavy rainfall.

People living along the river and at risk of flooding have been told to install property-level protection if required.

The river Severn's predicted peaks are:

Bewdley 3.2m to 3.6m on Wednesday evening,

Worcester 4.3m to 4.6m on Wednesday afternoon

Diglis 4.0m to 4.3m on Wednesday afternoon

Kempsey Yacht Club 6m to 6.2m on Wednesday afternoon

Saxons Lode 4.7m to 4.9m on Wednesday evening

In Worcestershire, there is also a flood alert on the River Avon at Evesham with flooding expected to affect low-lying.

Other locations that may be affected include Offenham, Evesham, Twyning and the Eckington Road.

Evesham peaked at 2.30m on Monday morning and Bredon peaked at 2.7m on Monday morning. Flooding of properties is not forecast at this point.

There is also a flood alert on the Bow and Piddle Brook and the River Salwarpe.

More rain is forecast for Monday night into Tuesday morning, and the early part of this week, before it turns dry.