A MOTHER bravely told the man who caused a 'catastrophic' crash which killed her son she wants him to change his life.

Shea Rourke, 23, of Coates Drive, Pinvin, Pershore, was jailed for causing death by dangerous driving and causing death by driving a vehicle - driver unlicensed/uninsured at Worcester Crown Court on Thursday (January 4). 

During the sentencing Rourke cried in the dock as Jobie's mum, Susan Tustin, read out her victim personal statement.

In it she said: "Jobie was mine and Paul (Haynes) second son after we lost Taylor, Jobie's brother. 

"Jobie was nearly four years old when Paul and I separated. 

Worcester News: TRAVELLING: Jobie Haynes travelling around Asia and AustraliaTRAVELLING: Jobie Haynes travelling around Asia and Australia (Image: Susan Tustin)"After the split, myself and Paul had an amicable relationship, our main focus was on Jobie. 

"Jobie was the love of our lives.

"When Jobie was 5 I met Steve. Steve said as he got older he was his best friend.

"Jobie had a privileged life, was adored and loved by so many. 

"He was a law-abiding young man with time for everyone - he was the go-to for so many.

Worcester News: FRIENDS: Jobie with friends Max Barrett and Tom EdneyFRIENDS: Jobie with friends Max Barrett and Tom Edney (Image: Susan Tustin)

"Jobie had a passion for cars. He did motocross, quad biking, rallying - he was a very active person. 

"He enjoyed music festivals and fashion and working hard for what he had. 

"He would have hundreds of parties with his friends, again showing he was the life and soul of the party. He was a free spirit.

Worcester News: MEMORIES: Jobie and friend of 19 years Joe KempMEMORIES: Jobie and friend of 19 years Joe Kemp (Image: Susan Tustin)

"I taught Jobie not to judge anyone but to see the good in people. Circumstances lead people to make wrong decisions at times but for whatever reason that is their journey. 

"He came home on 13th March having travelled for six months to Australia and Asia. 

"He came home to sell his car and was intending to go to Greece having met a beautiful Greek girl, Arina, while travelling. He believed she was the one. 

"Jobie was home for 13 days when his life was cut short. 

"Hundreds of people turned up to his funeral, a testament to the wonderful person he was. 

Worcester News: PACKED: Pershore Abbey overflowed at Jobie's funeralPACKED: Pershore Abbey overflowed at Jobie's funeral (Image: Newsquest)

"When the two officers came to my home on 26th March to tell me we had lost our beautiful Jobie I remember for a split second thinking my life is over. 

"Jobie nursed me through chemotherapy, radiotherapy and 13 operations and now I've lost Jobie. 

"Like Jobie I don't do anger but the day after the accident, when I had to identify Jobie's broken body, was the only day I have shown you anger Shea. 

"I have never wished you any harm, and I don't hate you. I have prayed for you. 

Worcester News: JAILED: Shea RourkeJAILED: Shea Rourke (Image: West Mercia Police)

"I pray your time away will give you time to reflect and try to do better with your life, and make changes. 

"I understand how broken your actions have caused you, but no one could be more broken than me.

"So many people's lives changed forever that Sunday afternoon.

"I have always felt that it was of no relevance what sentence you receive. 

"Nothing will change what happened. 

"But I feel you being locked away for a while will give you the chance to better what life you have left. 

"I know Jobie would forgive you Shea."