WORRIED staff at a small social club claiming it has lost £1,000 after its power was switched off. 

Honeybourne Railway Club, near Evesham, said it has lost a huge source of its income after EDF Energy recommended switching to a pay-as-you-go meter.

The switch led to the club losing its power for six days.

Sam Boulter, secretary of the club, said the figure is a huge loss for such a small club and it is unlikely they will ever make the money back.

"We are only a small club, and obviously, the income we will never get back unless we get compensation," he said. 

"We still have direct debits and bills going out.

"It is very, very hard once you lose it to get that money back.

"It is a worry, and it is something that should not have happened - if the power hadn't come back for this weekend, then that would be more revenue gone."

British Rail set up railway clubs in the 1990s for its workers to socialise but since railways became privatised clubs have been independently run with each club autonomous in its financial affairs.

Mr Boulter added: "We rely on the weekend revenue and did not make anything last weekend.

"It is EDF Energy's fault; it was their idea.

"This situation shouldn't have even taken place."

Mr Boulter said he now has to check to see if any of the club's beer has gone off, which would be an additional charge if it has.

An EDF Energy spokesperson said: "We're sorry to hear about the problems faced by the Honeybourne Railway Club and we can confirm that supply has been restored.

"Our customer services team are continuing to engage with the customer.

"We remain committed to helping as many customers as possible, including providing debt relief and installing energy efficiency for those in fuel poverty."

Honeybourne Railway Club first hit the headlines after a drunken squirrel went on a rampage on their premises. 

The story, which was featured in Worcester News and the Evesham Journal, was picked up by national papers and was also featured on the quiz show QI