The owner of ‘the world’s biggest Hula Hoop’ crisp listed the item on eBay but the price of his listing has now been reduced.

On Thursday, bids for the crisp reached almost £8,000 then they reached £100 million.

However, the crisp’s bidding price has been knocked down by eBay from £100 million to 99p, leaving Adam Potter, from Birmingham, “absolutely fuming”.

The 28-year-old watched in delight as the bids increased and he dreamt of investing the money in his small business or going on holiday.

eBay spoiled his fun though as they contacted him on Friday to say his listing violates a policy and will need to be removed.

Worcester News: The crisp is 4.72 inches longThe crisp is 4.72 inches long (Image: SWNS)

The crisp is 4.72 inches long and while Adam accepts he wouldn’t have received £100 million, he does believe that some people were serious when submitting their bids.

He said: "I am absolutely fuming - there were some genuine bids in there.

"I had someone contact me to say they bid £500 and then I had a private collector say that he had bid £105k for the crisp.

"I called eBay and they said as I have opened and resealed the crisp it goes against their guidelines.

"I'm an emotional wreck. I can't see how other hoops have been sold on eBay and mine not."

Worcester News: Adam Potter's eBay listing for the big Hula Hoop reached £100 million before it was reduced to 99pAdam Potter's eBay listing for the big Hula Hoop reached £100 million before it was reduced to 99p (Image: SWNS)

The listing is still active on eBay and the bids have once again shot up, however, Adam thinks people are wasting their time as it will eventually be removed.

He found the crisp while at home on December 19, 2023 when he was taking a snack break.

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After discovering the large crisp he put it into an airtight container as he didn’t want to eat it. He then decided to flog it online.

Adam believes the crisp he found beats the previous world record – a 4 inch hoop found in August 2021.

SWNS has contacted eBay for comment.