With temperatures set to drop, Worcester News readers have been revealing their favourite winter walks in the area.

From a riverside stroll to the Malvern Hills, Facebook users receommended plenty of spots for a brisk walk.

Andrew Graham commented: "Along the River from the main bridge and as far as you want.



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"Stopping at the Cathedral and their wonderful tea room, or at the Diglis hotel.

"They use to do hot soup and bread, ideal on a Winters day."

Marcus Surridge said: "British camp, Malvern Hills, and then coffee and cake at Sally's place".

Wildgoose Rural Training was favoured by Sam Lane, who said: "They have a tea room and nature walks on the reserve, which is full of wildlife".

Nik Tembe spoke highly of Worcester Woods Country Park, commenting: "It features 50 acres of traditionally managed, accessible woodland, children's play areas and the Orchard Cafe."

Reader Sarah Padget was fond of the riverside "figure of eight around the three bridges" in Worcester.

Adriana Reis recommended a walk "by the river", while Andymarycris Filiannbowater prefers the Malvern Hills as a spot for a walk.

Annie Hutchinson suggested "Cafe Viaduct by Little Al's Kitchen", which she described as "a great spot to grab a cuppa and walk along the river/racecourse."

She also recommended walkers could "grab a cuppa at No1 Brownes Way in Hallow on route to Monkwood."

Miki-jay Powell said: "Laylocks Garden Centre is a beautiful walk from Dines Green, approximately two miles.

"They have a great cafe there too, there coffee is well worth the visit".

Richard Allard enjoys a stroll in "Droitwich", while Karen Eliabeth recommends the town's "Lido Park".

Emma Whitehouse commented: "The cafe at What's On at Bevere is fantastic", before adding that walkers "can go for a lovely walk along the river or just around Bevere."

Steve Jeffries is a fan of a walk along the "Alicante Promenade", while Sandra Gummery enjoys one around "County Hall", which she says has a "lovely coffee shop".