AN election can't come soon enough, says a parliamentary candidate after a poll showed his party were set for victory in Worcester. 

Labour's parliamentary candidate spoke out after a new poll showed the party would win the city at the next general election. 

The news is meaningful as Worcester has long been considered a bellwether constituency - where the national result generally follows the local one. 

The poll commissioned by Conservative donors, carried out by YouGov and the Daily Telegraph, showed the Tories are on course for a major election loss nationally similar to the 1997 result.

The poll surveyed 14,000 voters and issued predictions for each of the country's 650 constituencies including Worcester's seat. 

In the seat a Labour victory is predicted with a 43 per cent share of the vote. 

The poll says Conservatives would be at 31 per cent, Greens on nine per cent, Liberal Democrats eight per cent, Reform eight per cent, while others would be on one per cent.

If this translates to a general election result it would mean Worcester would be held by Labour for the first time since 2010 when Labour MP Mike Foster lost to Conservative Robin Walker - who is stepping down this time round. 

It remains unclear when Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will call a general election but it has to be held by January 2025. 

Tom Collins, a former city councillor, said the poll reflected what he had been hearing on the doorstep.

Worcester News: CANDIDATE: Tom CollinsCANDIDATE: Tom Collins (Image: Tom Collins)

“We are ready tomorrow for a general election, the sooner the better - talking to people it can’t come soon enough," he said.

“I have been out on doorsteps, there is a unanimous response people want change.

“Labour has changed, we have got a plan, we have our five missions. We want a decade of national renewal.

“People in Worcester are really feeling the cost of living – that is affecting people.

“We are not resting on our laurels, I am getting out there and introducing myself.

“It is important that people go out and vote (when the election takes place) – in a constituency like Worcester every vote really does count.”

Marc Bayliss, the Conserative's prospective parliamentary candidate, said: "Worcester has been a marginal since it was created. 

"I don't think any party will think they have got it in the bag."

Mr Bayliss said he was talking to people all the time and will be fighting for every vote ahead of whenever the election is called.

"If I was elected I would be Worcester's man at Westminster - it would be an honour.

"The people will decide."

Worcester News: CANDIDATE: Marc BaylissCANDIDATE: Marc Bayliss (Image: Marc Bayliss)Conservative MP Robin Walker said the poll was just a snapshot and there had been polls in his time when Labour had led. 

"But people should never take it as being nailed down," he added.

Tor Pingree, candidate for the Green Party, said: "It is very exciting to see that poll.

"We are getting closer and closer to the Conservatives. 

"We have been preparing for a while for the election, we are ready.

Worcester News: CANDIDATE: Tor PingreeCANDIDATE: Tor Pingree (Image: Worcester City Council)

"A lot of people want something different from politics. People on the doorstep say they are fed up with the choices the government is making."

Mel Allcott, Liberal Democrat spokesperson said: "The Conservatives are seeing a shake-up in the polls, and honestly, who can blame the public?

"Between Covid chaos, internal squabbles, and NHS concerns, trust has taken a hit.

"But guess who's on the rise? The LibDems. 

"It's time for the Conservatives to own up, and let's welcome in some fresh energy."