A SAFETY rally is to take place outside a school where a young boy was knocked over by a car as parents say their children have also had 'near misses' on the 'death trap' road.

The rally is due to take place outside Stanley Road Primary School in Stanley Road, Worcester, on Friday, February 9 when school finishes at 3.15pm.

The school has seen two crashes involving children in 12 months, leaving many fearing for their children's safety. 

We have previously reported how there was a crash involving a six-year-old boy and a Ford Fiesta outside the school on Friday, November 24. 

Worcester News: FLASHBACK: An ambulance parked in Stanley Road the day a boy, six, was knocked down by a car last November FLASHBACK: An ambulance parked in Stanley Road the day a boy, six, was knocked down by a car last November (Image: James Connell/Newsquest)

The boy was taken to Birmingham Children's Hospital but is since understood to have made a full recovery. Mothers of children at the school including Lucy Kurylak and Katie McClenaghan are now calling for something to be done as a matter of urgency. 

Mum-of-two Katie McClenaghan of Dent Close, Worcester, said: "They drive so fast. Drivers are exceeding the speed limit every day. It's a death trap every morning. There's no safe way to get there."

The 38-year-old, who called the situation 'urgent', even says she has had to grab the children of other parents to stop them being hit by a car.

She urged other people in the community to support the safety rally as it was a 'neighbourhood issue'.

She added:  "Over the past few years myself and many other parents have tried to get this problem sorted but it seems no one wants to take accountability and Stanley’s Road is not a safe road. My own children have had many near misses so this is something I feel needs much more awareness."

Cllr Lynn Denham, joint leader of Worcester City Council but also a county councillor, said she planned to attend the safety event and was supportive of the initiative to make Stanley Road safer.

Cllr Denham said one of the issues was that the school was on 'an island' with every single child having to cross a busy road to get to it.

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She added: "It's a campaign I'm working on but it's been slow progress with the county council. I'm supportive of parents who want safe roads for their children.

"The local police team are very supportive - they have been having road safety lessons with all the Stanley Road children."

She also attended a meeting with parents on January 15. The Labour councillor has made a request to Worcestershire County Council that the zig-zag lines outside Stanley Road Primary School be enforced, meaning fines could be issued to drivers who park on them.

However, she said: "The legal process has only just begun. I have been pushing for some time that process which has now started.

"I have been lobbying with parents and local councillors for a pedestrian crossing in Wyld's Lane.

"That is currently waiting for county council engineers to look at the technical feasibility."

"There's community support for the crossing and I continue to try and make it happen."