Are you looking to add a special pet to your family? Dogs Trust Evesham has plenty of dogs that are looking for their forever homes.

The centre has plenty of dogs available whether you’re looking for a new puppy to welcome into the family or you want to give an older dog a loving forever home.

If you can’t adopt a furry friend but still want to help, you can support the centre’s work by giving a donation.

This can be done via the support page on their website.

5 dogs at Dogs Trust Evesham looking for new homes


Worcester News: DollyDolly (Image: Dogs Trust)

Gender – Female

Age – 7 years

Breed – West Highland White Terrier

Dolly came into the care of Dogs Trust when her owner passed away and she is now looking for a loving new home.

She could live with secondary school-aged children but she’ll need to be the only pet in the home.

Dogs Trust adds: “Dolly has been diagnosed with Cushings Disease which requires daily medication. She also has dry eye which means that she needs eyedrops every day.

“Any potential adopters should consider both the additional cost and also be willing and able to continue administering this medication.”

Find out more about Dolly via the Dogs Trust website.


Worcester News: DarlaDarla (Image: Dogs Trust)

Gender – Female

Age – 4 years

Breed – Dogue De Bordeaux

Darla is looking for a new home with an understanding family and a secure garden.

Everyone in her new home must be aged around 14 or older and she could live with a calm larger dog who is similar to her.

Dogs Trust adds: “Darla is on a special diet for medical reasons.

“This will be more expensive than standard dog food so please consider the cost of this prior to adoption.”

Find out more about Darla via the Dogs Trust website.


Worcester News: PepsiPepsi (Image: Dogs Trust)

Gender – Female

Age – 3 years

Breed – Crossbreed

Pepsi is looking for a quiet adult-only home with no visiting children as she gets worried.

She needs to be the only pet in the home but can socialise with other dogs on walks.

Pepsi would like to have a secure private garden at her new home.

Find out more about Pepsi via the Dogs Trust website.


Worcester News: LewisLewis (Image: Dogs Trust)

Gender – Male

Age – 9 years

Breed – Beagle

Lewis could live in a moderately busy home environment and with primary school-aged children if they are relatively calm. Younger visitors can come to see Lewis in his new home too.

He can’t live with cats as he likes to chase them and he’d prefer to be the only dog in his new home but he can enjoy going on walks with other dogs.

Find out more about Lewis via the Dogs Trust website.

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Worcester News: CluedoCluedo (Image: Dogs Trust)

Gender – Male

Age – 1 year

Breed – Border Collie

Find out more about Cluedo via the Dogs Trust website.

Cluedo has had an unsettled start to life but now he’s looking for a loving new home.

He would like his new home to be adult-only and pet-free but he can enjoy walks with other dogs.

New adopters will need to visit the centre a few times to get to know Cluedo and the centre will also do some home visits to help him settle.

He gets a bit car sick and doesn’t like cars much in general so his new adopters will need to live within an hour of the centre so he doesn’t travel too far for the home visits.