ARMED police caused thousands of pounds of damage to a suburban home during a siege but the owner will not get a penny because the force refuses to accept liability.

The armed raid took place at a house in Hock Coppice in Warndon Villages, Worcester last October, causing widespread damage.

Worcester News: WRECKED: Jill holds the remains of the door smashed down by West Mercia Police during a warrant at Hock Coppice in Warndon Villages, Worcester WRECKED: Jill holds the remains of the door smashed down by West Mercia Police during a warrant at Hock Coppice in Warndon Villages, Worcester (Image: James Connell/Newsquest)

The manager of the short-let house was not present when firearms officers with guns, shields and night vision goggles stormed the property in the early hours of Sunday, October 1 which resulted in two arrests.

Flash grenades burnt holes in her walls, her garden fence was demolished and the property's front door was destroyed. Carpets have also had to be replaced.

Now the owner, who wishes to be known only by her first name of Jill, says the whole episode cost her £4,000 in damage, that figure including finding alternative accommodation for subsequent tenants after the two-bedroom semi-detached house was rendered temporarily uninhabitable.

Because the damage caused was under £10,000, she did not want to claim on insurance and dipped into her own pockets to cover the cost. She says she has not received a penny from West Mercia Police.

She said: "I think there was a big overreaction. My front door, which was only 10 days old, cost £1,700. That had to be replaced.

"Nobody from the police force came to me and said 'this is what happened, we're really sorry about it but it had to be done'. Nobody has shown any interest in me whatsoever, no concern, no compassion.

"There's no apology or explanation. All those armed officers and the damage to my house - was that justified? I'm surprised the house didn't burn down to be quite honest. The duvet had been on fire."

We reported at the time how officers smashed their way through the door using a chainsaw and a metal battering ram before throwing 'flashbangs' - also known as stun grenades or flash grenades -  into a back bedroom.

One flash grenade was thrown up the stairs into the bedroom, leaving scorch marks on the wall.

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A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said officers attended an address in Hock Coppice around 6.30pm on Saturday (September 30) following a report of a wanted person being present in the property.

They added at the time: "Specially trained firearms officers attended and specialist munitions were used in order to distract the suspects. 

"A 40-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of obstructing a police officer."

Eyewitnesses said it lasted five hours and that few slept because of shouts, loud bangs and barking dogs with a police negotiator involved at one stage.

One resident described 11 or 12 firearms officers with balaclavas, helmets, guns and shields testing their Tasers before surrounding the property. 

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said: "We can confirm that a claim was submitted for the damage caused during the incident.

"Following a review, West Mercia Police cannot accept liability in this matter. Officers acted proportionately, legally, reasonably and appropriately and their actions were necessary.

"Suitable advice has been given to the owner of the property on what steps to take next."