HISTORIC cast iron lamp posts in St John's have been saved and will be restored to its former glory. 

The lampposts on McIntyre Road, Hopton Street, Buck Street and Rowley Hill Street were at risk of falling into disrepair after the decision was made not to replace them.

The street lights date back to the Victorian era when the streets were first built and the decision was made to leave them until they needed to be replaced.

Councillor Richard Udall has now put aside £8,000 of his divisional funds for repainting and mending the lights.

He said: "The lampposts were originally constructed when the street was built, which is estimated to be in the Victorian era. 

"It is part of our civic, cultural heritage, and there are a few left in the city - it has been a hard battle to keep them. 

"Residents spoke to me about their concerns, and I was told they may not be worth saving. 

"When I reported this to residents, they were horrified with the prospect of losing the lampposts."

He hopes the revamp of the lampposts will give them a new lease of life and continue their prominence in the street for at least another 20 years.

In 2022, the historic Worcester Bridge street lights were refurbished and returned to their rightful place.

The lanterns, dating back to the 1930s, had deteriorated following decades of exposure to river flooding conditions and suffered corrosion and general wear and tear. 

Seven light columns and their lanterns were removed from Worcester Bridge for the refurbishment and a lane was closed on the bridge to allow the works to take place.