A WATERLOGGED path has become 'a bog' as elderly people in wheelchairs struggle to get by the large puddles.

The path around Peridiswell Park in Worcester has become a muddy mess blocked by big puddles says Dave Beswick who asked permission to take photos showing elderly people trying to navigate the flooded route.

The image shows people in wheelchairs and mobility scooters navigating a large puddle in the middle of the muddy path after heavy rain caused difficulties. 

The 66-year-old who lives at the back of Tudor Grange School said: "There is an old people's home quite nearby and they like to get people out and about and using the park's facilities. The photo is of those people struggling to navigate their way around.

"I'm disappointed it has been like that for so long. All they need to do is get a bristle broom and sweep that water away. I don't know what the people who maintain it are up to.

"This was the third time I had seen people from the home out and about and they really did struggle to negotiate the paths. It's like a bog. One woman was getting quite upset by it.

"They have been neglected to the point where they are now a hazard to people trying to use the facilities they all pay council tax for.

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"This group of intrepid explorers had a more challenging walk in the park than they were expecting. This was one of several water obstacles they encountered."

He said he counted at least three large puddles on the path which runs around the perimeter of the football pitches. 

The land is managed by Worcester City Council. The Worcester News understands that the conditions have been caused by heavy rainfall over the last few months.

We have reported on a series of storms, Met Office yellow weather and Environment Agency flood warnings since the New Year, including storms Henk, Isha and Jocelyn.