THESE photos show the scale of the driftwood build-up at a historic Worcester bridge and that more erosion has taken place since the structure's partial collapse.

As the flood waters have receded, it appears that more soil has been swept away beneath the partially collapsed section of Powick Old Bridge near Worcester.

These photos, taken on Wednesday, also reveal the scale of the driftwood and other debris piled up against the medieval bridge over the River Teme which played a key role in the first and last battles of the English Civil War. There were no workmen on site on Wednesday when the photos were taken.

Daniel Daniels, chairman of the Battle of Worcester Society, previously compared the damage to the bridge to 'an open wound'. This week he questioned the regularity of Worcestershire County Council's clearance programme.

He said: “Upon reviewing the recent photographs taken by the Worcester News, it becomes evident that obstruction persists at Powick Bridge. Is it not imperative that this recurring issue be addressed with a more vigilant and frequent clearance strategy?”

The build up of the driftwood has been blamed by Cllr Mike Rouse, cabinet member for Highways and Transport at Worcestershire County Council, on the removal of a weir by the Environment Agency but this is disputed by the EA. 

Powick Old Bridge suffered a partial collapse at the end of January after several storms brought driftwood down the River Teme as some critics blame the removal of a weir for heaping pressure on the structure.

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The Environment Agency has denied the removal, done to assist migrating fish, was to blame for the extra debris before the partial collapse of the wing wall. The bridge remains closed to pedestrians and cyclists.

Cllr Rouse said in a previous statement: "The public will simply not believe that removal or alteration of a weir that previously diverted some of the river’s flow to a water wheel at Powick Mills is going to do nothing. It is absurd of the Environment Agency to try and take the council and the public for fools like this. We demand honest answers from them, and I too want to see what Risk Assessment was carried out at the time, and what consultation took place."

We have approached Worcestershire County Council for a further update on the bridge and any forthcoming action to be taken.