A 'smelly' overflowing bin with bags of dog poo stacked on top has been branded 'disgraceful' as one mum was left holding her nose because it had not been emptied 'for over a week'.

The bin in Pitmaston Park in St John's, Worcester was overflowing with bags of dog poo left on top because there was no more space for rubbish in the bin itself.

As soon as Worcester News alerted Worcester City Council a spokesperson said the bin would be emptied the same day.

One resident, a 38-year-old mum, who took the photo showing the scale of the problem said the bin was just 10 metres from the entrance to the park.

The mum said: "This is the worst I have ever seen it. It has been like this for over a week. It's so full you can't even squeeze a tissue into it.

"They have emptied the other bins but this one appears to have been forgotten. It's a health and safety issue. It's not only the aesthetic part of it, it is health and safety. It smells horrible.

"It's only 50 metres from the school gates. Just imagine if we had warmer weather, how many maggots it would have. It's already quite smelly."

Worcester News: DISMAY: Cllr Alan Amos described the state of the bin in Pitmaston Park as 'disgraceful' DISMAY: Cllr Alan Amos described the state of the bin in Pitmaston Park as 'disgraceful' (Image: Supplied by council)

Cllr Alan Amos, the Conservative Bedwardine councillor for both the city and county councils, is also dismayed by the situation.

He said: "It's absolutely and thoroughly disgraceful. It is typical of a council that can find [£86,515] to become a City of Sanctuary but can't find the money to do its basic routine work of emptying the bins and keeping the streets clean. 

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"Here we are in a park used by children and the general public with a bin clearly overflowing and dog poo bags on the top."

Sue Smith, the Labour city councillor for Bedwardine, said: "I receive many emails from residents complaining about litter and dog mess but if the bins aren't emptied often enough it's hard to get some people to use them.  I think it's really important that bins are emptied long before they are as full as this."

A Worcester City Council spokesperson, speaking on Wednesday, said: “We apologise for the overflowing bin in Pitmaston Park and can confirm that a member of our refuse team will empty it today.”