Applications for community funding opportunities in Worcestershire have opened.

Groups in the county can apply for up to £8,300 from the Prime Foundation’s annual fund.

The foundation was established to improve education, health, and social wellbeing at community levels.


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Causes where Prime, a health and care property developer, has erected new facilities form the core targets for the funding.

The grants also serve to support initiatives close to the foundation's birthplace, Worcestershire.

In the previous year, three community initiatives, including STEPWAY, a charity dedicated to veterans and their families, have received funding.

Using the funds it was able to build a large shed on a pontoon with the aid of the acquired funding – offering safekeeping for machinery, as well as quieter office spaces.

Stepway’s CEO, Dawn Turner, said: "The funding received from the Prime Foundation has transformed and enhanced support services at the Stepway community garden.

"The office and workshop will benefit veterans, family members and the local community."

Unfortunately, vandalism befell the shed last year, which consequently led to multiple acts of aid, including the foundation’s financial aid for the installation of monitoring equipment to enhance site security.

The Worcester Child Contact Centre, another beneficiary of the fund, had its facilities upgraded.

The funding saw the development of a parent-child reading zone full of books, toys, furniture, games, and crafts.

Lastly, the Lido Park Tennis Club had an influx of equipment which sparked the start of a club for homeschooled children and teens in Droitwich Spa.

Hannah Cashmore, a trustee of the foundation, said: "We've witnessed the profound impact of our funding on local groups year-on-year, and we're eager to open applications for community-led projects once again.

"We look forward to reviewing submissions and continuing to invest in the wellbeing of our local Worcestershire community."

The deadline for online applications via the foundation's website is May 22.