The Queen was inundated with goodwill messages for the King and Princess of Wales when she stood in for her husband during the historic Royal Maundy Service.

Camilla was asked to pass on public support from some in the congregation at Worcester Cathedral, where she presented Maundy money to community stalwarts in recognition of their service.

And when she went on a brief walkabout, meeting well-wishers outside, she was presented with a card for her daughter-in-law while others told the royal they were thinking of her.

Bishop of Worcester Dr John Inge, who as Lord High Almoner led the service, remembered the King during the “Blessing” and told the Queen “we hope you will convey to him our love and respect”.

After the ceremony Camilla met well-wisher Sheila Clark, 66, from Glasgow, who handed over a posy of flowers, a picture of the King and Queen taken at the Scottish Highland Braemar Games, and a card for Kate.

Ms Clark, a retired teacher, said about the message in her card: “Just that I’m hoping Kate’s getting on well and I’m sorry to hear about her illness and hoping Kate gets peace now to recover – that’s really what I wanted to say.

“I just wanted to come and see the Queen, I’ve followed her for many, many years, and just to let her know that I’m thinking of her.

“I wrote to her some weeks ago and I got a lovely card back from her and something from the King as well.”

Worcester News: IN OUR THOUGHTS: The crowds outside Worcester Cathedral passed on well wishes to Queen CamillaIN OUR THOUGHTS: The crowds outside Worcester Cathedral passed on well wishes to Queen Camilla (Image: PA)

Laura Skrzynskr, 58, living in London but originally from the US, said: “I told Camilla to send her good wishes to the King for me and to the Princess of Wales – and I wished her a happy Easter.

“I’m a royalist, we don’t have a royal family back in America but I like it here.”


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he service is a major event in the royal calendar and sees Maundy money – newly minted coins – normally distributed to community stalwarts by the head of state, but Camilla’s role in the ceremony is believed to be a first for a Queen Consort.

The King has stepped back from large-scale public duties while receiving outpatient cancer treatment, and he spoke of his “great sadness” at not being able to attend the service.