A YOUNG family has a neighbour who 'daily' smokes drugs, forcing them to seal their home to stop the stink as a councillor calls for a crackdown on cannabis smoking in social housing.

Matt Lamb, the councillor for St John’s in Worcester, is calling for firmer action on the smoking of cannabis by Platform Housing tenants after a family was affected by a neighbour smoking the class B drug.

West Mercia Police said they are aware of the situation, have responded to the issues raised with civil orders and are working closely with Platform.

The Labour councillor also revealed he had been working with the Platform tenant in Dines Green for 'several months' to try to resolve an issue with a neighbour smoking cannabis.

The tenant, who does not wish to be identified, has complained that their neighbour, also a Platform tenant, has been smoking cannabis daily.

Councillor Lamb’s resident has a young family and has been forced to spend their own money to seal the floors and walls on the property to stop the strong smell of cannabis entering their home.

Matt Lamb said: "The possession of cannabis is a criminal act and my resident and their young family are suffering because nothing has been done to deal with it.

"The smoking of cannabis puts my resident’s neighbour in clear breach of their tenancy agreement and should not be tolerated.

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"I have personally witnessed the smell and yet this seems to be insufficient evidence for action to be taken.

"Whilst my resident has been able to reduce the smell of cannabis through their own actions and at their own expense, with the warmer weather approaching neither they nor their family will be able to enjoy their garden due to the smell of cannabis."

Another St John's councillor, Alan Amos, said support must be given by the authorities.

He said: "People commit crimes nowadays knowing they will get away with it. The scale and extent of their behaviour then escalates into something out of control.

"Crime does pay nowadays and hard-working taxpayers and law-abiding citizens are being badly and frequently let down by the police and the authorities. Unless these incidents are nipped in the bud, the crime wave will drown us all.”

Clare Greensall, head of localities at Platform Housing Group said it's aware of the issues and is working with the customer to alleviate the problem. 

"Ultimately, the use of cannabis is a criminal matter and will require police action.”

Inspector Tanya Beckett of the Safer Neighbourhood team in Worcester, said: “We’re aware of ongoing issues mentioned by Mr Lamb and have responded positively with relevant civil orders.  We will continue to engage and work closely with Platform Housing, and won’t hesitate to deal with any criminal matters should they arise.”