Dogs Trust Evesham has lots of dogs looking for their forever homes, including this male Jack Russell Terrier cross, Moby.

The one-year-old is described as being “an excitable and playful boy” and he’s been progressing with his training so that he’s ready to meet his new family.

Moby would like to live in a quiet, adult-only home where he can potter around in a secure garden.

He needs to be the only pet in his new home but recently, he has been enjoying the company of playful dogs who are a similar size to him.

Worcester News: Moby needs a quiet and adult-only homeMoby needs a quiet and adult-only home (Image: Dogs Trust)

Around the house, Moby can guard resources so he has been receiving training for this and the centre says he has been doing “really well”.

It’s important to note that his new family will need to continue this training when he goes to his new home.

Moby will need to meet his potential new owners multiple times at the centre before he can go to his new home.

He is a sensitive dog and is worried about a few things so his new family will need to patient with him and listen to Moby’s body language.

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When being assessed at Dogs Trust Evesham, Moby has shown he is happy in and around a car but he can lunge towards moving traffic so he’ll need to be walked in quiet areas.

He struggles to be left alone so time at home without his new owners will need to be built up.

How to apply to become Moby’s new family

If Moby sounds like the dog for you, here’s how you can adopt him – see his full profile here.

You’ll need to create an account on the Dogs Trust website, fill out an application form and choose the centre you’d like to rehome from.

You’ll be contacted within seven days and your application will remain open for three months while Dogs Trust tries to find the perfect match for you.

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Once a match is found, you’ll be invited to meet them but if the dog is not right for you, Dogs Trust will continue to help you find your match.

When you’ve found the ideal dog for you, Dogs Trust will help you introduce them to your home.

You can find more information about each dog at Dogs Trust Evesham that needs a new home on their website and if you’d like to help the centre continue its work, donations are accepted through the support page.