BOLLARDS may be the answer to protecting residents from speeding cars and bad parking outside a supermarket says the councillor prepared to pay for the work himself.

Cllr Alan Amos says residents have raised the issue of cars driving across the pavement and parking up against the cash machine at the Co-op in Canada Way in Lower Wick, Worcester.

The city and county councillor for Bedwardine, which covers Lower Wick, says he has raised the issue with Worcestershire County Council and believes, at the very least, a designated walkway near the ramp in front of the shop should be marked out so people do not park over it.

However, the Conservative says bollards to stop cars parking there altogether is his preferred solution.

Now he hopes the land's private owners can give their blessing to the work which he believes would be best served by two to three bollards with other solutions being a raised kerb (to stop people driving over it) and a marked walkway to deter people parking near the cash point.

The land owner is Bilteam Properties Ltd based in Firsby Road, London, but no contact details are available online.

Cllr Amos said: “A number of residents, particularly the elderly, have complained about the speed of cars driving across the pavement to park right outside the Co-op and park right up against the wall.

"This is particularly disconcerting for people using the ATM machine as the cars don’t give enough safe space for users to get to or from the machine.

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"I have asked county Highways to put a few bollards up at that location. Unfortunately, all the land there is privately owned and we need their permission to do so.

"To facilitate this, I have offered to pay for their installation out of my own Highways Fund. If the private landowners do not give us a positive answer, we will then discuss other options with the Co-op. But, at the end of the day, the safety of my elderly constituents must always come first.”

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council said she had nothing to add to the comments made by Cllr Amos. Co-op was approached for a comment but were unavailable.