NEW data from the DVLA shows Worcestershire's worst drivers in a penalty point postcode league of shame.

The DVLA data shows Worcestershire drivers are by no means the worst in the UK when it comes to receiving penalty points - but one part of the Worcester stands out as the worst in the county.

The Swansway Motor Group analysed data published by the DVLA to reveal the best and worst postcodes across the UK for drivers being punished with penalty points.

The highest number of penalty points were accrued by people living in the WR5 postcode.

This postcode covers large parts of the east and south of the city, including Ronkswood and Battenhall, and outlying villages such as Kempsey.

Penalty points can be imposed for a number of offences including speeding, using a handheld mobile phone will driving, driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence and careless driving.

Other reasons a driving licence can be endorsed with penalty points include dangerous driving – actively reckless driving or aggressive behaviour - and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The data shows people from the WR5 postcode have the most penalty points on their licence - 1,809 (with 28,921 licences issued for this postcode). The postcode includes Ronkswood, parts of central Worcester (Wyld's Lane, Battenhall, St Peter's, Kempsey, Norton and Spetchley).  

The second worst is the WR9 postcode (Droitwich) with 1,769 penalty points issued (28,789 licences issued for this postcode).

In third place is WR2 which includes St John's, Dines Green, Lower Wick, Powick, Rushwick, Callow End, Hallow, and Lower and Upper Broadheath (1,559 points with 25,175 licences issued).

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A spokesperson for the Swansway Motor Group said: “It’s unfortunate to see so many drivers in a concentrated area with the highest points per population.

"On top of the 50 million plus drivers on the roads, it’s important to consider other road users such as motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians. Our priority on any journey should be the safety of ourselves and those around us.

“Points on a licence can deter people from taking unsafe actions, whether this is risky driving such as speeding or driving whilst using a mobile phone, to ensuring your vehicle is well maintained and roadworthy, to getting behind the wheel after drinking or using drugs, all which could have serious consequences. The system is there to keep us safe and remind us to always remain sensible when behind the wheel of a vehicle."

Bromsgrove comes in at mid table for the county (B60 had 1,651 points and B61 had 1,547 points).

Next came WR4 which includes Warndon Villages, Warndon, Tolladine and Brickfields with 1,091 points, Stourport (DY13) with 1,470 and Pershore (WR10) with 1,196.

The postcode with the lowest points tally in the county is WR7  which has 402 penalty points (5,168 licences). This covers outlying villages east of Worcester including Upton Snodsbury, Crowle and Inkberrow. 

The WR1 postcode also had just 456 points (7,900 licences). This postcode covers central Worcester and Barbourne and the Arboretum. 

However, the county still lags behind overall penalty point league leaders Croydon (CR0) in top spot where 6,273 penalty points have been issued (total licences 138,416), Maidenhead (SL6) where the penalty points figure is 5,165 and Leicester (LE3) where 5,131 points have been imposed.  

In the overall table, Worcester (WR5) is only 420th worst out of just under 3,000 postcodes across England, Scotland and Wales.