Over 44 per cent of West Midlands drivers would fail their theory test is they retook it now, a survey has revealed.

Nationally, 88 per cent of drivers struggle to answer five common theory questions on road safety, in findings that showcase a significant gap in knowledge.

Independent Advisor Car Insurance tested people's knowledge by asking five common theory test questions.



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While the real theory test pass mark is 86 per cent, in this case a triumph equated to four out of five questions answered correctly.

More than half of the drivers surveyed would not be able to pass the theory test if they retook it now, while around 73 per cent of those aged between 17 and 24 struggled to answer at least four questions correctly.

This statistic is particularly concerning given that drivers in this age group are four times more likely to be involved in serious accidents than those over the age of 25.

West Midlands drivers, however, fared better than most, with over 56 per cent managing to answer at least four questions correctly.

This is a stark contrast to Greater London, where only 35 per cent could claim the same success rate, averaging just two out of five questions correctly.

Connor Campbell, an expert at the company, said: "It’s shocking how many motorists don’t know the rules when it comes to the basics of safe driving practices.

"Being behind the wheel entails significant responsibility, and risking the lives of other road users due to negligence is simply unacceptable.

"You should adopt a defensive driving approach to minimise collision risks by focusing not only on your actions, but also your surroundings.

"That includes the behaviour of other drivers, pedestrians, and any obstacles on the road, not to mention adjusting your driving based on weather and road conditions."

He added: "With fixed penalty notices witnessing a sharp rise since the code change in 2022, it’s also crucial to regularly revisit the Highway Code to ensure you are up-to-date with the latest road laws.

"This is vital for refreshing your knowledge and will help you avoid hefty fines and costly penalty points.”