AN animal cruelty case left a man and a woman in court for causing the unnecessary suffering of three pet rabbits who all later died. 

Jack Simon Pullen and Allana Julie Silk of Field Road, Worcester, have already admitted the animal welfare offence which led to the deaths of three rabbits when they appeared at Worcester Magistrates Court.

However, the probation service had not prepared pre-sentence reports for either defendant, as instructed by the court, so the case had to be adjourned until next month at the hearing on Tuesday.

Both defendants - Pullen, 23, and Silk, 25 - admitted an identical charge that between August 23 and September 13 last year they caused 'unnecessary suffering to a protected animal'.

Worcester News: COURT: Allana Silk and Jack Pullen leave Worcester Magistrates Court - their neglect caused the death of three rabbits which sparked an RSPCA prosecutionCOURT: Allana Silk and Jack Pullen leave Worcester Magistrates Court - their neglect caused the death of three rabbits which sparked an RSPCA prosecution (Image: James Connell/Newsquest)

The rabbits, all of whom died, were a tri-colour female rabbit called Rosie, a grey male rabbit called Ted and another grey male rabbit called Teddy.

The charge was that the suffering was caused 'by a failure to act, namely by failing to provide adequate nutrition for the animals' needs and/or failing to investigate and address the cause of the rabbits' poor bodily condition and weight loss'.

It was said in the charge that they 'knew or ought reasonably to have known that the failure would have that effect or be likely to do so'.

Both were convicted on April 5 after admitting the offence. 

The pair were prosecuted on behalf of the RSPCA by Sara Pratt who called it 'a serious matter where three animals died as a result of not being provided with veterinary care or adequate diet'.

Paul Stanley, who represented both defendants, said the matter had previously been adjourned for a pre-sentence report to be prepared.

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He added: "I understand there is no pre-sentence report available. I'm unclear as to why that is."

Mr Stanley explained that the probation service had spoken to Silk who may need to be assessed for a mental health requirement which could not be done that day.

There was therefore a 'regrettable' joint application for an adjournment by prosecution and defence, he said.

A probation officer in court had spoken to the defendants on the day they were due to be sentenced and said: "I did discover there were concerns about Miss Silk's mental health."

Both defendants were granted unconditional bail to attend a hearing at Worcester Magistrates Court at 2pm on Friday, June 14.