A nuisance shoplifter has been banned from supermarkets or going in any shop at all with a named man with 100 plus convictions in a bid to curb her constant thieving.

Natalie Cull, 29, of Russell Close in Malvern, has been banned from several supermarkets in the town including Co-op, Sainsbury's and Tesco Express.

Cull, described by West Mercia Police as a 'persistent shoplifter', must also not enter any shop with Mark Spragg as part of the terms of a criminal behaviour order, imposed for two years on April 5.

Worcester News: BAN: Natalie Cull is banned from Malvern shops including Co-op, Tesco and Sainsbury's but must not enter any shop with Mark Spragg BAN: Natalie Cull is banned from Malvern shops including Co-op, Tesco and Sainsbury's but must not enter any shop with Mark Spragg (Image: West Mercia Police)

She must also not enter any shop at all with another known nuisance shoplifter, Mark Spragg, 42, of Madresfield who is also subject to his own criminal behaviour order.

Cull is prohibited from entering the following premises: Co-op, Worcester Road, Malvern Link; Sainsburys, Buttercup Walk, Malvern; Tesco Express, Madresfield Road, Malvern; B&Q, Spring Lane, Malvern; One Stop Shop, Pickersleigh Road, Malvern; Waitrose, Edith Walk, Malvern.

She is further banned from entering or being in any retail premises when in company with Mark Spragg.

Spragg was issued with a CBO on January 4 with several conditions. He must not enter any retail premises in Malvern; enter Sainsburys, Windermere Drive, Worcester; enter Asda, Silver Street, Worcester; be in any retail premises in company with Natalie Cull.

Spragg, who has more than 100 previous convictions, was jailed for 36 weeks last December after he admitted 10 thefts as well as an attempted theft and common assault of an emergency worker.

Cull was given a suspended prison sentence, however.

A police spokesperson said last December: "Cull was sentenced where her eight-week suspended sentence was extended to an 18-month suspended sentence and was served with a supervision order for 18 months.

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"Cull and Spragg have been a two-person crime wave across the Malvern area for a number of months.

"They have been arrested a number of times recently and each time continued to commit shoplifting offences after being released from court.

"The custodial sentence for Spragg is a great result and sends out a message to thieves.

"The 18-month suspended sentence and supervision order issued to Cull will hopefully act as a deterrent to her offending behaviour."