A SPEED camera in a Worcestershire village has left a driver facing a steep fine after he exceeded the limit. 

Alexander Bowyer was caught by a speed camera on the A443 Worcester Road in Great Witley, near Worcester travelling at over 30pmph by manned equipment.

The case was heard at Worcester Magistrates Court on May 23 this year when a guilty plea was recorded via the single justice procedure.

The 60-year-old of Stockton Road, Abberley, near Worcester was behind the wheel of a Subaru on November 1 last year when he was caught.

He was fined £281, ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £112 and costs of £90.

A collection order was made, granting the court additional powers to recover the money.

His driving record was also endorsed with four penalty points. 

The defendant's guilty plea was taken into account by magistrates when imposing sentence.