AN uninsured driver has been hit with a large fine after being caught without insurance but has escaped a ban because of the impact it would have on his seven children.

Danny Gray was behind the wheel of a Volkswagen Tiguan when he was stopped by police in Watkins Way, Malvern. The case was heard at Worcester Magistrates Court on May 29.

The 32-year-old of Watkins Way, Malvern was stopped on May 10 last year and has until June 26 to pay fines and costs totalling £940.

A guilty plea was entered on March 4.

Magistrates fined him £607, ordered him to pay £90 in costs and a £243 surcharge and placed eight penalty points on his licence.

During the hearing mitigating circumstances were heard about the impact of being disqualified on his children - six children aged 10 and under, two of whom have additional needs.

The court also he heard he had another daughter in Herefordshire, that his partner did not drive and he would lose employment if he was banned which could result in him losing his family home.