A SUSPECTED burglar was arrested after police travelled out of county to catch him after a previous job saw an officer travel out of area to catch a burglar using a police helicopter.

Detectives travelled out of Worcestershire yet again to catch a suspected burglar wanted in connection with a car key burglary in Evesham as West Mercia Police.

Recently BMWs, Land Rovers and Ford Rangers have been targeted by thieves as West Mercia Police wrestle with an increase in this type of domestic burglary.

Officers based at Worcester Police Station in Castle Street travelled to Hertfordshire to arrest a suspect this morning, taking him back to custody.

Perpetrators of car key burglary often target specific vehicles, based on demand and value, and the thefts can involve breaking into homes to steal keys or 'keyless' car thefts (when a device is used to fool the car into thinking the key is close by, unlocking the car and starting the ignition). 

DI Dave Knight of Proactive CID said a dedicated home burglary team - and the distance officers travelled to make arrests - illustrated how seriously domestic burglary was taken by West Mercia Police.

It comes after a burglar was given a two-year prison sentence after one of the team - DC Simon Lloyd - travelled out of Worcestershire to Wokingham and helped identify the criminal from inside a police helicopter as part of a joint operation between  West Mercia Police and Thames Valley Police.

CAUGHT: Nathan Cruikshank who was identified by Worcester detective Simon Lloyd from inside a police helicopter CAUGHT: Nathan Cruikshank who was identified by Worcester detective Simon Lloyd from inside a police helicopter (Image: West Mercia Police)

Nathan Cruikshank has been jailed for two years after he admitted a raid at a home in Dover Avenue in Worcester but did not count on one city detective following him across county boundaries as part of the manhunt.

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The 32-year-old, of Monksfield Way, Slough, was also banned from driving after he travelled from Slough to Worcester to carry out the burglary on October 9, 2023.

In the joint operation with Thames Valley Police, DI Lloyd of South Worcestershire's proactive burglary team, joined the NPAS in his first trip in a police helicopter (or any helicopter for that matter).

DC Lloyd travelled to Wokingham in Berkshire by air to trace the suspect, identifying him from 210ft above the ground.

DI Knight said there had been an increase in car key burglaries across South Worcestershire as criminals target BMWs and Audis with Wychavon (which includes Droitwich and Evesham) being preferred by some criminals because they can use arterial routes including the M5, A46 and A44.

Keyless thefts have involved Land Rovers and Ford Rangers and DI Knight suggested people investing in bollards on their driveways may help deter car key burglars.

Car thieves have been known to follow particular vehicles to their owner's home or a car park.

In these instances, the advice is to call 999.