A MONSTER truck show has been blamed for causing gridlock in Worcester this afternoon while spectators said when they got there the only truck had 'broken down'.

Drivers complained of heavy traffic on all major routes into the city including Droitwich Road, Ombersley Road and London Road, blaming Monster Truck Mayhem on Pitchcroft in Worcester through the late morning into the afternoon.

Disgruntled customers left scathing reviews on the Monster Truck Mayhem Facebook page after a slow start to the event which was due to run between noon and 8pm, some saying the only 'mayhem' was the traffic chaos in the city centre and the venue's toilets which ran out of toilet paper.

CRITICISM: Crowds at Monster Truck Mayhem but not everyone was happy with the event CRITICISM: Crowds at Monster Truck Mayhem but not everyone was happy with the event (Image: Al Denny)

Drivers complained online of bumper-to-bumper traffic in The Tything, Castle Street, Droitwich Road and Ombsersley Road in Worcester as well as on the other side of the river in St John's in New Road, Bromyard Road, Bromwich Road and Henwick Road.

Al Denny, who attended the show, said: "They had two actual monster trucks, one was used for passenger rides, but that overheated at around 2.45pm, and there was a cloud of smoke or steam billowing from the engine. I only saw this as we were already walking back towards Gheluvelt Park."

However, organisers defended the event, saying it did go ahead despite a delay and the people should have made better use of public transport, city centre car parks and walked to the event instead of taking their cars to the car park at Pitchcroft.

QUEUE: A queue of traffic building on Ombersley Road in Northwick in Worcester QUEUE: A queue of traffic building on Ombersley Road in Northwick in Worcester (Image: Newsquest)

"Mayhem is probably the only thing that describes the event accurately, it was hands down the worst planned event I have ever been to," one person said.

One wrote today: "Poorly managed with traffic and parking, toilets ran out of loo roll and hand sanitizer at 1pm and the main event of the monster trucks was one real monster truck that was broke, started late and then was only on for 10 mins before broke down again. No water stations even on a hot day like today even Download can manage that."

Another person wrote: "This was a complete letdown. We came yesterday for the balloon show which was managed much better. Today was a complete mess!

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"Queue to ride the monster truck over two hour wait, and then a new queue formed and the people were allowed to "merge" in.

"Absolute disgrace, not managed by Security nor Extreme Trucks well at all. Both blaming each other. The first queue was also along the front of the truck arena too, so when the show started the queue was lost."

They went on to describe it as a 'big let down'.

Another reviewer wrote today: "Took 3 hours to get here to find out no monster trucks on until 7.30pm due to technical fault! Don’t waste your time getting here if currently in the gridlock queue in Worcester. We’re going home back to Bristol after 45mins!!"

Organiser David Bailey said it was always billed as a monster truck show (singular) not a monster trucks show. He said a delay was caused when they had to re-gas the monster truck when a shocker burst and the vehicle got stuck in traffic. 

"They were late getting back and the show went one hour late. The show wasn't cancelled. It has been a success. People will complain - it's a British way of life. We have taken on board what people have said. We will take constructive criticism," he said.

However, he said organisers would not take criticism for problems in city centre car parks unconnected to the event.

He said visitors had not listened to the pleas to use other car parks and to walk or use public transport to get to the venue.

"It's people not listening to what we were saying - 'please use public transport where possible and walk if you can and please use city centre car parks, please use infrastructure in the town and try to avoid Pitchcroft'."

"But people don't listen - and we're the bad people," he said.