DRIVERS parking in a city bus lane are at risk of causing a serious crash which could result in 'tragedy' says a concerned resident, who described a near miss.

Residents have complained of the risks caused by drivers parking in the bus lane in Barbourne Road near the Sainsbury's Local supermarket at the junction with St George's Lane North.

Kevin Peake, speaking on behalf of the St George's Residents Association, said clearer signs are needed after the issue became a problem back in 2021.

Speaking last week, he said: "Today a car swerved in to park and almost hit three of us walking on the pavement. Since the last discussion, it's got worse with the advent of Deliveroo drivers rushing in to get deliveries. 

WARNING: A sign warning people not to park outside Sainsbury's in Barbourne Road in Worcester WARNING: A sign warning people not to park outside Sainsbury's in Barbourne Road in Worcester (Image: Supplied)

"The high-up signage is still ineffective as it is not visible. As the local resident association we cannot understand why the council won't demand Sainsbury's put a no parking poster in their window and direct people to parking behind the store.

"The council didn't really listen and said the sign on the lamppost, which is about eight feet high and with bikes chained to it, was sufficient.

"The situation worsened recently with Sainsbury's' new Deliveroo offer and drivers dashing in to pick up orders as obviously on time pressure. It's frustrating as Sainsbury's have a good car park just behind the store."

He said the key issues were that parking blocked the bus lane and cycle route on a main route into the city, it blocked the pavement, especially for disabled mobility scooters and was 'dangerous as drivers swerve in when they see the shop'. 

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He has suggested an eye-level poster to tell drivers it is illegal to park there, installing CCTV cameras to capture the number plates of offenders and issue fines or make a redline stopping point.

"We are sure one day, especially at night in the dark, there will be a serious incident," he said.  

A Worcester City Council spokesperson said: “Worcestershire County Council are the Highways Authority and as such are responsible for implementing Traffic Regulation Orders and providing supporting signage and or cameras on the highway.

“Worcester City Council acts as enforcement agency on behalf of Worcestershire County Council and this location forms part of a regular patrol route for our Civil Enforcement Officers.

“If anybody has any further information that can assist our staff in better monitoring the area, then this can be sent to”

Worcestershire County Council was approached for a comment.