Pepsi has confirmed it is no longer making a popular flavour of its zero sugar soft drink Pepsi Max. 

PepsiCo is responsible for a number of beverages in the UK including Pepsi Max, 7Up, Mountain Dew, Gatorade and Rockstar energy drinks. 

The beverage company has been known to release new flavours of the popular Pepsi Max soft drink including the likes of Lime, Ginger and Mango.

Pepsi Max confirms axing of fan favourite flavour

But Pepsi Max fans have been unable to find the Raspberry flavour of the soft drink in supermarkets across the UK recently, leading to calls on social media questioning its whereabouts.

Worcester News: Raspberry Max Raspberry has proved a fan favourite since its introduction in 2019.Raspberry Max Raspberry has proved a fan favourite since its introduction in 2019. (Image: Anna Woods/X)

One fan on X (formerly Twitter) posted: "Why can't you get raspberry Pepsi Max any more??"

While another person commented: "@PepsiMaxUK have you stopped selling raspberry Pepsi? It was my favourite but can’t find it anywhere."

PepsiCo has now confirmed the popularity of another flavour has led to their decision to discontinue Pepsi Max Raspberry.

A Pepsi Max spokesperson, replying to a fan's post on X, said: "Thanks for getting in touch. Pepsi Max Raspberry is no longer being made.

"As you've noticed it's now disappeared from shelves in supermarkets, this was to make room for our new Pepsi Max Mango.

"Pepsi Max Mango has proven very popular so maybe you could give it a try!"

The decision comes around five years after Pepsi Max Raspberry first hit supermarket shelves in the UK, according to The Sun.


Fans have been left devasted by the news leading to calls for PepsiCo to bring back the Raspberry flavoured soft drink.

One person on X said: "Can't believe that Pepsi Max Raspberry was discontinued."

Another commented: "@PepsiMaxUK Bring back Raspberry Pepsi Max it was my favourite flavour."