Buying garden furniture and furnishings to create an outdoor seating area can make such a difference to our outdoor spaces.

From wooden benches to rattan sofas and patterned rugs, creating a relaxing sanctuary in your garden is one of the best ways to spend spring and summer.

But when is the right time of year to bring your garden furniture back out after winter has passed?

After many months wrapped up in waterproof covers or being stored in garages, you might be wondering when it is safe to leave chairs and tables outside once again to avoid any damage from bad weather.

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When should you get your garden furniture out in the UK?

After reviewing weather and wind patterns across the UK’s capital cities over the last five years, Ruggable has pinpointed the exact dates that would be ideal for uncovering your outdoor furniture.

The data found that in England, the best date to start getting your garden furniture back out is April 5, 2024.

People living in Wales should look to get theirs out three days later on April 8, for those who live in Scotland, should wait until the end of the month on April 30.

Cassandra Leisz, creative director at Ruggable, has explained why households should wait until these dates to put their outdoor furniture in the garden.

“You want to avoid exposing your garden furniture and furnishings to any bad weather, especially high winds or cold spells.

“To ensure your outdoor settings will last from one season to the next, it is best to set them out for the season once spring temperatures are consistent and wind speeds remain lower than 30mph.”

Cassandra added: “It is most important to ensure the weather is well above freezing before getting your garden furniture back out, as freeze damage can cause moisture to build up in your furniture, which may result in cracking.

“This is especially important for wooden furniture where it can also lead to rotting, mould or warping.

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“For outdoor rugs in particular, it is important to put these outside after any risk of snow and ice has passed.

“When a rug constantly goes through the ice and thawing process, it can damage the fibres of the rug, causing fraying, discoloration and deterioration.

“Therefore, avoid having to roll up and relay your rug each time you check the weather by waiting until the optimal time, based on your location.”