THE glory days of street parties made a welcome return as a community put the crowning touches on their big coronation celebration.

Residents of all ages marked the coronation of King Charles III with a street party in Sebright Avenue off London Road which recalled the street parties of the past.

Some had lived in the area for 40 years - and one couple had only just moved in.

With flowers on every table, hopscotch, skipping and plenty of Union flag bunting, the party recreated the street parties of a bygone age.

The entertainment was provided by Jack Gayler, 32, who has lived in Sebright Avenue for the last four years, playing 'British classics' and 'feel-good songs'.

Even the cars were decorated with balloons as people enjoyed afternoon tea, cream scones and cucumber sandwiches.

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Mark Stewart, 66, of Sebright Avenue who used to own Wise Owl Toys in Worcester, applied for the road to be closed as residents did during the Platinum Jubilee last year.

He said: "We're a pretty close community here. I thought the Coronation was excellent. It is something Britain does really well. It's an event I think that draws the country together a bit."

Jeni Rowberry, 75, remembers watching the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on television as a five-year-old child.

Mrs Rowberry, who has lived in Sebright Avenue for 48 years, said: "It has been a lovely place to live. Everybody is friendly. It's just a really friendly street."

She remembers how she was crowded around a television at her aunt's house in York Place in Worcester to watch the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

"She was the only one who had a television so we were all crammed around it, sat on the floor watching this television," she said.

Sue Goode who has lived in Sebright Avenue for 26 years was helping with floral arrangements on each table, residents contributing flowers and greenery from their own gardens for the purpose.