A NEWBORN baby girl was born on the same date as her nan and great nan, giving both women the best birthday present of their lives.

Daisy Davies was born at Worcestershire Royal Hospital in Worcester on Monday, June 26 - the same date as two other generations of the same family.

Her arrival gave little Daisy's nan and great nan the perfect birthday present - a beautiful, healthy baby girl with a good head of dark hair.

Worcester News: Daisy Davies born at Worcestershire Royal Hospital on the same date as her nan and great nan ('Nan B')Daisy Davies born at Worcestershire Royal Hospital on the same date as her nan and great nan ('Nan B') (Image: Supplied)

Arriving at 1.13 am, adorable Daisy astonished the family when she arrived three days ahead of her due date on the same date as her nan April Layton-Morris, 60, and great nan, Ann Bellamy, 83, who is known affectionately by the family as 'Nan B'. So now there will be a triple family celebration for family birthdays in future. 

Mrs Layton-Morris of Malvern, a mum-of-three and grandmother of 13, said she even joked ahead of the birth that the baby might arrive on her and her mum's birthday.

The occupational therapy assistant who works at Tewkesbury Hospital, said: "Natalie said the baby was due at the end of June and I said then 'wouldn't it be funny if the baby was born on mine and mum's birthday?'

"I was over the moon. It was the best birthday present I have ever had - and my mum was the same. She was over the moon. She will never be rich - she has got near on 50 grandchildren and great-grandchildren."

Despite all her grandchildren and great grandchildren, Mrs Bellamy never forgets any of their birthdays says her daughter.

In another strange coincidence, Daisy weighed 7lbs 2oz - exactly the same weight as her dad (April's son) Adam Davies, 30, when he was born in 1993.

Ann was born on June 26, 1940; April on June 26, 1963 and now Daisy has completed the family hattrick after she arrived on June 26, 2023 - precisely 60 years after the birth of her grandmother. All three were born in Worcester. Ann was born at 5 Tunnel Hill weighing 6lbs 6oz and April at the old Hillborough Hospital in Midland Road in Worcester before it was knocked down. She weighed 4lbs.

Daisy's proud mum Natalie Davies of South Littleton, near Evesham, said: "It's lovely to be honest - lovely and crazy."

The couple now has two boys and two girls.