FOR this week’s In the Classroom feature, reporter Grace Walton took a drive to the countryside and paid a visit to Great Witley CofE Primary School, in Worcester Road, Great Witley, where she was warmly greeted by headteacher, Karen Bandford.

DUE to demand for places, the school has continuously grown over the years.

The increase in capacity has meant the school has had to expand and has built two more classrooms onsite.

Mrs Bandford, who has been head at the school since 2011, said: “We now have seven classrooms and are able to teach each year group specifically to meet a tailored provision.”

Great Witley CofE Primary School joined The Rivers CofE Multi Academy Trust in April 2016.

Mrs Bandford said: “The Rivers Trust means that out children and staff have access to high quality opportunities, such as visits, trips, joint events and also training for staff.

"We work for something bigger than just Great Witley.

"As part of the trust our staff are able to share their best practice, training and quality of work. We all work together to grow.”

Mrs Bandford said she was proud to be a headteacher, adding: “Being headteacher is the best job in the world.

"It is a privilege being part of a child’s journey.

"I watch them grow, mature, gain confidence and watch them achieve.”

Kate Larner, reception class teacher, said: “This school enables young children to have a fantastic start to their education.

"They are given amazing opportunities to lay the foundations of their future education.

"The learning environment is fantastic with the outside area and the opportunities that are available from being in a rural school.

“We have strong links with all the other classes.

"The children get a wealth of experience especially in building up relationships with other children in the school. We do a lot of activities where we mix with the other age groups.

“The interpersonal relationships between the pupils are really good. The children work to our Christian values.

"They learn all about resilience, perseverance, respect, friendship and compassion.”

Mrs Bandford added: “Kate is a really experienced early years teacher.

"She is very supportive over their phonological development, their mathematical development and physical development.

"She has ensured that the children have all the opportunities to enable them to thrive at school.”


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