CCTV has been installed in an area of Tolladine where "taxi break-ins" and "drug dealers" have been reported by residents.

A camera provided by Worcester City Council is now in place on Avon Road, overlooking the junction with Teme Road.

The camera is the first of two in the area which has been deemed necessary due to increased "anti-social behaviour and criminality".

Cllr Mohammad Altaf said: "It's a fantastic job getting this here and in due course, the second camera will be on the Conway.

"There are lots of drug issues as well from dealers coming from other areas of Worcester and other cities.

"As a local business owner myself, I am very aware of the issues that a lot of people are facing.

"These cameras are not permanent, they are installed where the issues are going on.

"They are left for a few months and then removed when they have served their purpose.

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Cllr Altaf has said that he has received positive feedback from the installation of the camera, but many residents are asking when the Conway camera is set to be installed.

Cllr Altaf said: "I have been in this area over the last 25 years and we had a lot of comments from residents who are very pleased to see this camera.

"At the same time, they are just as eager for the latest camera to be installed at the Conway.

"We need more cameras, at the moment I think there are about six and we certainly need more."

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Armed police were called to a report of someone with a gun in Tolladine on Sunday, June 19.

They carried out searches in the area but did not find the person.

Cllr Stanley said: "At the beginning of the year, we looked at the possibility of getting two cameras installed, one here and one at the Conway estate.

"It has proven to be a challenge and we have one in place now and we are hoping for a second, especially after the recent event in Conway.

"We are driven by the needs of the police, so if a camera needs to go somewhere else first then we are duty-bound to oblige.

"We are delighted to see it up and hopefully the local residents will start to see an improvement in the near future."