A 27-year-old pest has been jailed after he assaulted a police officer, spat in a police van and resisted arrest.

Jack Payne of Diglis, Worcester was already on a criminal behaviour order (CBO) and in breach of an eight-week suspended sentence order when patience ran out for him at Kidderminster Magistrates Court earlier today.

He was arrested on Tuesday in Chedworth Drive in Warndon, Worcester by uniformed patrol officers. 

Payne was later charged with assaulting a police officer, criminal damage to the police van, resisting arrest and breaching the terms of his CBO.

During his arrest, he spat in a police van which had to be professionally cleaned.

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DI Dave Knight said: "The Integrated Offender Manager team specialise in swift investigations into high harm offenders and this is a good example of one of the tactics we use to manage problem offenders."

We reported last July how Payne, who has more than 20 previous convictions, admitted breaching his CBO.

Melanie Winterflood, prosecuting, said Payne had been abusive towards the officer while drunk in a public place in Worcester.

This was all prohibited by the order that is placed on only the most serious and persistent offenders.

Last year it was also revealed he owed more than £4,000 to the courts - although Payne interrupted and began arguing that much of it had been wiped off when he had been sent to prison.

We have previously reported on Payne including cases in which he had been 'a nuisance to women' in a city nightclub, had racially abused a city taxi driver and had thrown tiles off a city roof while drunk.